Cordelia Tevelein

The family of Charles and Cordelia Winduss


Photo 1:
Back row - left to right: Elsie Muriel Campbell (nee Winduss), Alice Cordelia Burns (nee Winduss), Albert Gleadow Winduss, Edith Florence Dihm (nee Winduss) and Louisa Caroline Chapman (nee Winduss)
Front row - left to right: George Charles Winduss, Cordelia Winduss (nee Tevelein), Charles Samuel Winduss, Prudence Mary Zosky (nee Winduss)

Photo 2:

back row: l-r: Ada Burns (1892-1949), Richard Gibson Burns (1869-1948), Albert Gleadow Winduss (1877-1963), Alberta Frances Winduss nee Johnson (Jansen) (1879-1935) with baby, George Albert Winduss (1912-1978), George Charles Winduss (1867-1935)

2nd row: l - r: Harold Zosky (1865-1943), Mr Payne, Grace Zosky (1898-1992), Alice Cordelia Winduss (1869-1955), Prudence Mary Winduss (1865-1960), Edith Mary Zosky (1891-1987), Mrs Phillips (Harold Zosky's sister), daughter of Mrs Phillips, Mary Saunders (1872-1944), Edie Winduss (probably Emily Edith Winduss (1910-1997)

3rd row: l - r: Leo Horace Winduss (1900-1978), Arthur Zosky (1899-1967), Charles Samuel Winduss (1844-1921), Cordelia Winduss (nee Tevelein) (1843-1939), Charles Harold Dihm (1898-1989)

front row: l-r: Amie Beckett Zosky (1906 -1989), Alice Mary Winduss (1907-1967), Ethel Louisa Cordelia Winduss (1903-1984), Frances Eleanor Winduss (1904-1988), Ida Winifred Winduss (1910-1998), Elsie Cordelia Winduss (1908-1994), Herbert William Winduss (1909-1969), Ernest Valentine Winduss (1906-1923)

Photo 3:

From notes but to be confirmed:
back row:
Grace and Wally Grant (most likely friends and not relatives)
5th from right: Albert Gleadow Winduss 
4th from right: Alice Cordelia Winduss
3rd from right: Richard Gibsons Burns
2nd from right: Ada Lavinia Burns
Seated in middle row: Charles Samuel Winduss and Cordelia Winduss (nee Tevelein)
Seated at front: directly in front of Charles and Cordelia are Elsie Cordelia Winduss and her brother Ernest Valentine Winduss (with dog)

This photo was probably taken about 1917.

Year range

Winduss Golden Wedding in 1914


Not present left to right: Harold Dihm (left) and Richard Chapman (right)

Back row left to right: Charles Gibson Burns (1896-1955); Grace Evelyn Zosky (1889-1922); Arthur Albert Winduss (1895-1951); Leslie George Winduss (1892-1958); Edith Mary Zosky (1891-1987) * to be confirmed.

2nd row from back left to right: Emily May Zosky (1894-1981) * to be confirmed; Arthur James Zosky (1899-1967); Bertram James Campbell (1887-1945); Richard Gibson Burns (1869-1948); Ada Lavinia Burns (1892-1949); Alice Cordelia Burns (nee Winduss) (1869-1955), Norman Ernest Winduss (1894-1956); George Charles Winduss (1867-1935); Gleadow Charles Winduss (1890-1950); Mary Saunders (1872-1944) wife of George; Edith  Hicks (1882-1962), wife of Gleadow; Henry Carlton Zosky (1865-1943), husband of Prudence Winduss; Leo Horace Winduss (1900-1978); Prudence Mary Winduss (1865-1960); Henry Zosky, son of Henry and Prudence.

3rd row from back left to right: Alberta Johnson (1879-1935) holding daughter, Alice Jean (Jeanne) Winduss  (1914-1998); Albert Gleadow Winduss (1877-1963), holding daughter, Ida Winduss) (1910-1998); Elsie Muriel Winduss (1889-1968) holding William James (Bill) Campbell; Cordelia Tevelein (1843-1939); Charles Samuel Winduss (1864-1921); Louisa Winduss (1879-1919) holding daughter, Louisa May Chapman (1914-2007); Edith Florence Winduss (1893-1949); Ernest Frederick Dihm (1910-1998); Charles Frederick Dihm (1873-1930); Florence Stuart) (1885-1945); wife of Harold holding child, possibly Charles Henry Zosky (1914-1977) or Alma Maud Zosky (b 1915? - to be confirmed).

Front row left to right: Alice Winduss (1907-1967), daughter of George and Mary; Ernest Valentine Winduss (1906-1923); Elsie Cordelia Winduss (1908-1994); Ethel Louisa Cordelia Winduss (1903-1984); George Albert Winduss (1912-1978); Frances Eleanor  Winduss) (1904-1988); Edith May Dihm (1905-1974); Emily Edith Winduss (1910-1997); Amie Beckett Zosky (1906-1989); (Doris) Irene Dihm (1903-2000); Herbert Winduss (1909-1969).

Year range